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We are well aware aren’t we? That if it weren’t for our loyal customers, we wouldn’t have a successful business. That’s why we, RAJUL STEEL CENTRE are so interested in making sure that our clients are the happiest ones, with the quality that we supply as well as with the marvelous services we provide. Here are some of the things former and returning customers have said about working with us.

  • Slitting And Sharing

  • Pipe Drawing

  • Circle Cutting 

  • Customers sizes

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A shim is a thin sheet of metal which is used to fill in the gaps. Shims comes in different size & shapes depends on its thickness. Popular grades in shim are 304 ,316

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A wire is usually a cylindrical, flexible strand or rod of metal. Wires can be made as round or flat ribbons and finished in a variety of tempers. Also Famously known as Metal Ropes

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Flanges are used to connect the pipes, lip, or rim, they can be used in external and internal parts of the machines. Flanges come in different size, shapes, quality, quantity.

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